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A Letter to a Phillies Ball Girl That’ll Make You Smile

Aug 13, 2012, 11:43 AM EDT

A letter from a 5-year-old girl to a Phillies ball girl with the same name is adorable.

When Phillies ball girl Genevieve Haney made a nice snag on a foul ball earlier in the season at Citizens Bank Park, she became a minor Internet sensation and was even featured on ESPN’s SportsCenter. [video of the sweet catch below]

Turns out, Genevieve made a few fans after her impressive glove work, none of them any cuter than a little 5-year-old girl from Harleysville, PA who shared the same first name and didn’t think there was anyone else in the world named Genevieve.

Here’s a letter the younger Genevieve sent to the Phillies ball girl. It’ll stop you from being a cynic for two minutes.

This makes me regret not writing a letter to Enrico Pallazzo as a young kid after watching his amazing umpiring skills for the first time back in the 90s.


The letter was posted to Reddit and we found it via Mikey I.