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Blind Item: Which Recent Phillie is Rumored to Have Picked Up Men at a Washington Square Bar?

Jan 17, 2012, 2:14 PM EDT

Philadelphia Magazine examines the lack of openly gay athletes in sports today and also posts a wild blind item about a recent Phillie picking up men in a Washington Square bar.

To steal a regular Gawker feature, here’s a bit of a blind item.

Philadelphia Magazine has an article with a bit of a misleading title this month: Which Eagles and Phillies Are Gay? Why just the two most popular teams in town? Why not the Sixers and Flyers and Union as well?

The article doesn’t really try and search out any potentially closeted Philly athletes, but rather it examines the larger issue of why no professional athlete in general has come out of the closet during their playing days. It’s an article that gives a glimpse of feelings inside today’s Eagles’ and Flyers’ locker rooms on the issue of having a gay teammate. The feelings are fairly wide-ranging with a leaning towards the guarded and ignorant, it would seem.

One of the passages that stood out to us — a bit shocking to see in print — was about a recent Phillie who may have swung both ways off the field. Huber writes:

In fact, a recent Phillies player, a renowned womanizer, has been
rumored to be quite interested in men. There are whispers in gay circles
about him picking up men at Knock, a bar on Washington Square West, and
taking them back to his condo. Phillies insiders still murmur about his

I think you can narrow down those descriptors to a rather small number of players.

>>Which Eagles and Phillies Are Gay? [Philly Mag]