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Carlos Ruiz Graces Cover of Sports Illustrated

Jul 12, 2011, 12:08 PM EDT

Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz finally gets some of the recognition he deserves with a Sports Illustrated cover story by the great Gary Smith.

Carlos Ruiz is a bit of a folk hero among hardcore Phillies fans, but outside of Philadelphia circles it wasn’t clear exactly how well known Chooch is to common sports fans. Well there’s no doubt as to Ruiz’s recognition now as Chooch finally graces the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The accompanying story is by the great Gary Smith, who also wrote the big Four Five Aces cover story for the 2011 season preview.

Also noteworthy: Derek Jeter and his 3,000th hit are a minor cutout in the Chooch cover. That’s funny, because the Yankees were also a minor cutout on the Phillies pitchers cover.

Philly rules. Just like Chooooch.

Update: Doh! Looks like New Yorkers get their Jeter cover too. Chooch still gets his cover, but they will be regional.

Cover photo via Sports Illustrated’s Bryan A. Graham

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