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Chase Utley Hit a Home Run Today

Jun 6, 2012, 12:34 PM EDT

If you don't follow Phillies scribe extraordinaire on Twitter, you missed a heck of a showing.

If for whatever reason you don’t happen to follow Phillies beat writer extraordinaire Jim Salisbury on Twitter, you missed one heck of a showing this morning down in Clearwater, Florida where Chase Utley and Ryan Howard hit in an extended spring training game.

[from earlier in the day: Chase-d Out At Second? Where Utley Fits When He Returns]

Both Utley and Howard had solid days at the plate according to Salisbury, who live tweeted the happenings with 140-character gems as seen below.

Expect a full report from Sully later in the day, but if you needed your Utz fix, you can read all of his tweets from the morning here.

Chase deposited a ball into the empty berm at Brighthouse Field.

Welcomed news on a slow Wednesday.



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