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Cliff Lee: Baseball Player, Part 7

Apr 10, 2013, 1:26 PM EDT

Cliff Lee has talked in the past about really enjoying playing in the National League because he gets to be a baseball player and not just a pitcher. He echoed those sentiments again last night after helping his own cause at the plate once again, but he also got some high praise from his teammate Michael Young.

[watch video of Cliff Lee's RBI single here]

Young called Lee a “baseball player who pitches” and Cliff said he takes that as compliment. Lee went on to call hitting the funnest part of baseball.

“I enjoy hitting. It’s fun,” Lee said. “It’s the funnest part of baseball in my opinion. My job, I know, is a pitcher but I do come to the plate every time I pitch so I’m going to take that very seriously and do everything I can to help my team win.”

A reporter then suggested he may enjoy hitting more because we get to see his emotion when he reaches base as opposed to keeping his cool while working on the mound.

Lee’s response?