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Dom Brown and the List of Players Who Hit 12 HR in a Month at His Age

Jun 1, 2013, 12:17 PM EDT


Hey, know who we like talking about? Domonic Brown. Because even when the Phillies lose to a lousy team like the Brewers, that guy gives us a reason to watch, belting two more home runs to bump his total to 12 for the month of May.

Know who else has hit at least 12 home runs in a single month at 25-years-old or younger in the last 20 seasons? You should. It’s a pretty good list.

Corey Seidman Tweeted this out on Friday shortly after Dom hit his seventh bomb in seven days. Needless to say, it caught our attention.

What do all of those players have in common (besides the obvious hitting 12 HR in a month at or under the age of 25)? Two things. First of all, they’ve all been named All Stars, something Brown is going to be a lock for if his production keeps up anywhere near this pace.

Second, they’re pretty much all power hitters. The guys who have done this continued to be among the league leaders in home runs for many years. In other words, if he is like all of these guys – and he’s being bunched in with them here – this fireworks display has been anything but a fluke.

This is just how Dom Brown rolls.

Brown may have completed the month of May without drawing a single walk, but he batted .303, slugged .688, and had an impressive .991 OPS. And the Phillies may have dropped to three games below .500, but thanks to some Domonation, they haven’t completely lost us yet.

Of course, if they can’t get something going on this stretch, they might. After all, Brown is due to slump eventually.

  1. Andy Schreiber - Jun 1, 2013 at 12:46 PM

    Bring up Darin Ruf.

    I want to see what those two can do in the same lineup.

    Heck, at this rate I want to see what Asche, Galvis, Joseph, Ruf, Brown, etc. can all do in the big leagues.

    Can’t be much worse than what our regulars are showing out there right now. Rollins & Howard need to lead this team, but right now they just aren’t pulling their weight. Hope they (a well as Hamels) get back on track soon.

    Otherwise Ruben is going to unload some salary before the all-star break. And Charlie is a goner before that, IMO.

    • the swayze express - Jun 1, 2013 at 10:26 PM

      Darin Ruf is a mediocre, middling TWENTY SIX year old outfielder, who proved that he does not have what it takes to play in the bigs. Hes had enough time to demonstrate his worth, and he has failed. Now, I would like to see more of our younger Farm Players get the call up to see what they have to offer, but regarding Ruf: No, just no.
      BTW, how bout the Pacers?! Its still only the start of the 4th, but they have a big lead. If they take this to game 7, and play in Miami how they have played tonight, they have a legit shot of knocking off the “invincible” Heat.

      • Andy Schreiber - Jun 1, 2013 at 11:20 PM

        So a guy who set the all-time Phillies record for homers in the minor leagues (more than Howard who was only one year older when called up to the big leagues!) isn’t worth a shot?

        I’d rather see Ruf playing in RF than Young. Heck, if Howard is hurt, I’d like to see Ruf play his natural position – 1st base.

      • Matt S. - Jun 1, 2013 at 11:31 PM

        So by “enough time to demonstrate his worth” you mean 12 career MLB games in which he put up respectable numbers?

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