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Hunter Pence: Still Wanting to Eat; Also a Goat (Video)

Oct 18, 2012, 9:34 AM EDT

Hunter Pence failed to help his San Francisco Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday night, finishing the night 0-4 at the plate. After the game, he put the blame on his own shoulders, calling himself the goat.

He also mentioned his former Phillies teammate giving him some advice about how to respond after a bad game. Oh, and he used another one of those food analogies he seems to love.

Stay hungry, my friend:

the goat today. I didn’t get the job done with big opportunities. And
I’m going to go home and learn from what happened, come back for a big
game tomorrow and be hungry.”

And on his pal Big Jimmer:

“Jim Thome said something to me earlier this year that I really liked. When he has a bad game he goes home and he gets better because of it. It makes him better. Hopefully I’m able to do that.”

Have you been keeping up with the NLCS at all? St. Louis now leads the series 2-1 over San Fran. Who are you pulling for?