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Jimmy Rollins: ‘I’m looking to get five years.’

Oct 11, 2011, 1:41 PM EDT

Jimmy Rollins spoke with reporters this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park. He wants to be back in Philadelphia but also wants the right amount of years with the right cash.

Perhaps the most gripping part of Tuesday’s media sessions at Citizens Bank Park was when the elder statesman of the Phillies, Jimmy Rollins, spoke about the possibility of finishing his career elsewhere.

We could have just witnessed Young James final presser as a member of the Phillies. [video below]

As Jim Salisbury stated shortly after Jimmy and Ruben Amaro Jr. spoke, the negotiations are clearly underway after today. Jimmy Rollins wants a five year deal, but are the Phillies willing to give it to him?

As Ruben stated, the Phillies clearly want Jimmy back, but he’ll be 33 when he inks a new deal and has spent 3 stints on the DL over the past two seasons.

The dance Jimmy, his agent, and Ruben Amaro Jr. will go through over the next few weeks and months will be one of the closest watched situations in recent Phillies history.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruben broke his regular “rules” for a guy of Rollins caliber, especially given his tenure with the club. But make no mistake, Ruben wants to do what’s best for the team getting another championship.

Would you be okay with the Phils giving Rollins a 4-year, $50 million deal? Or how about 5-years at $55 million as Matt Schwartz suggested, lowering the average yearly value while getting Rollins the coveted fifth season?

Jimmy wants to be back. The Phillies want Jimmy to be back. The fans want Jimmy to be back.

But will the money, years, and situation play out the way both parties find agreeable?

If you were Ruben, what would you offer Jimmy in terms of years and money?


Here’s Ruben on Jimmy: