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Jonathan Papelbon Wins Cage Match With Fan

Jul 8, 2012, 12:15 PM EDT

Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon stopped a fan from running into the Phillies' bullpen at Citizens Bank Park

Courtesy of Stirrups Now comes the photo above of Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon preparing to choke slam a fan who ran onto the field during the Phillies/Braves game at Citizens Bank Park last night.

[click here for a full Papelbon and Vic vs. Fan photo gallery]

[VIDEO: Hunter Pence destroying third base coach Juan Samuel during the same game]


“A man wearing a yellow shirt ran onto the field from near the
right-field stands and headed directly toward the Phillies’ bullpen
behind the center-field wall. Once the fan started climbing over,
Papelbon ran over and held him up on the fence until center fielder Shane Victorino came over to help.”

Photo of Shane Victorino getting involved in the action after the Jump…


It’s always good to see Paps getting some work in during non-save situations.

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