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Kristen Stewart Rocks Phillies Gear

Jul 12, 2011, 1:35 PM EDT

OMG! Did you see this? That girl from that movie wore a Phillies shirt!


Reader Christian A. (a dude) writes in:

Hey The 700 Level,
I may be about to send you a
link from a website that deals exclusively in news regarding the final
Twilight movie
, but don’t get the wrong idea.  My girlfriend originally
showed me this.  I swear.  My girlfriend who is a woman, and does in
fact exist, showed me this pic, and I wanted to send it along to you
guys.  I don’t know whether its good or bad news to find out that
Kristen Stewart is a Phillies fan, but I can honestly say I’ve never
been more attracted to her.  Here’s the picture in question:

I wonder if she’s a Phillies fan because Raul Ibanez looks like Nosferatu? [another photo below]

Thanks to Christian for the tip, we guess? My only observation, based on the shirt color, are we sure she’s talking about the baseball team and not the smoking utensil?

UPDATE: According to a site called, the shirt has “Natick Farm League” on the back, which likely means it’s some sort of retro/vintage little league shirt from Natick, Mass. we’re guessing.