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Pete Orr’s ‘Ultimate Sno-cone’ Grab

Sep 15, 2011, 3:50 PM EDT

Pete Orr isn't exactly of the same pedigree as Chase Utley, but damn if he didn't make two fantastic defensive plays in the first game against the Marlins on Thursday.

Chase Utley was not in the lineup for the Phillies this afternoon. He may get back on the diamond in the second game this evening, but while he’s on the bench Pete Orr made the best of his appearance in the field during today’s first game.

Orr made a beauty of a catch in which he showed off some real nice hops and just got to the ball, pulling the “ultimate sno-cone.” Wheels and T-Mac just love their sno-cones.

[watch the sno-cone grab here]

Orr added a real nice defensive stop a couple of innings later going deep to his left, showing that while Utley is on the bench, Pete can at least fill in adequately in the field.