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Roy Halladay Gives Up Homer to Kid in First Big League Game as His Dad Is Being Interviewed

Apr 4, 2013, 11:45 AM EDT

What a weird night from Roy Halladay on Wednesday in his first outing of the season. He set some sort of dubious strikeout record while not even getting through four innings. It was so strange that it’s hard to say he was awful. His offspeed stuff was actually pretty good, but he was rather hesitant to use his fastballs, saying after the game he’d been trying too hard to paint and he’ll need to be more aggressive moving forward.

So while Roy’s effectiveness the rest of the season remains to be seen, we’re not going to dwell on one outing tooooo much.

And while we were all miserable, there was a pretty amazing moment for one young member of the Atlanta Braves and his family. Evan Gattis was playing in his first Big League game and had his family in attendance for the special day in any ball players’ life.

When Gattis came up to face Halladay in the fourth inning, the Atlanta telecast had their version of Greg Murphy up in the stands talking to Gattis’ father when Roy Halladay left a fastball over the middle of the plate and the kid playing in his first Major League game made a memory.


The ball just barely got out, but it was certainly a home run for the young kid. One hell of a moment that could mark the start of something special, and perhaps the beginning of the end for a legend of the game.

[watch video of Gattis' home run off Roy Halladay as the kid's dad was being interviewed live]

via BLS