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Royals at Phils: Today’s the Day You Try to Get John Lannan to Make You Like Him

Apr 6, 2013, 4:38 PM EDT

John Lannan, who pitches tonight for the Philadelphia Phillies, seemed to fit well on the Washington Nationals. He was a pretty bad pitcher on a pretty bad baseball team for most of his six seasons there. The only reason you likely even remember his name is because he’s the guy who became infamous for breaking Chase Utley’s hand.

Now he’s on the Phillies and will look to be a serviceable starter. His numbers at CBP have been ungood. That said, he was usually facing a fairly stacked Phillies lineup. From John Finger:

In eight career outings at Citizens Bank Park, Lannan is 2-5 with a 6.89
ERA with eight homers and 50 hits allowed in 35 innings.

As we learned yesterday though, the Royals can put up some hits. Let’s see what kind of first impression the formerly Evil John Lannan can make.

Could really, really, really use a ‘W’ today.

Humberto Quintero will get his first start in a Phillies uniform this afternoon. Any thoughts on having Dom Brown’s arm in left field and Mayberry’s lesser hose in right? That seemed to be a topic of conversation yesterday when Laynce Nix threw a 10 hopper to home on a tag play. Why not use Dom’s hose more effectively in right?

7:05 first pitch.

Charlie’s Lineup: 1. Revere, 2. Rollins, 3. Utley, 4. Howard, 5. Young, 6. Brown, 7. Mayberry, 8. Quintero, 9. Lannan