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San Francisco Chronicle Doesn’t Agree with Charlie Manuel About Head Games

Aug 5, 2011, 12:24 PM EDT

Charlie Manuel said last week that he didn't think the Giants were in the Phillies' heads at all. Naturally, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote today that they are.

Last Thursday, after Tim Lincecum and the Giants took a series from the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, Charlie Manuel was asked if he thought this San Francisco team was in the Phillies’ heads.

From our Thursday postgame story:

“They’re not in our heads. I don’t think so. Really, I don’t think so at all,” Manuel said.

Then, this morning, the San Francisco Chronicle had an article with the following title:

Manuel knows SF Giants are in Phillies’ heads

Charlie Manuel or the San Francisco Chronicle, who you got?

Similarly, former MLB catcher and current CSN baseball analyst Ben Davis said on Daily News Live yesterday that he “absolutely knows the Giants are in the Phillies’ heads.” Or something very similar to that with the same sentiment.

Now, what I want to know is how all of these people know what’s going on in the Phillies’ heads?

In their heads. In their heads. In their he-eehhh-eads.


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