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thekrisheim’s 2012 Year in Philly Sports

Jan 2, 2013, 11:16 AM EDT

We’re thrilled to have long-time reader and commenter
extraordinaire thekrisheim here to post his Philly sports year in
review. This is his fifth year in a row looking back for us here at The700Level and it’s likely the bleakest of the bunch. His previous editions can be reviewed here (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), and they’re definitely worth a look back.
Here’s thekrisheim on 2012:

2012 was a year filled with more disappointment than elation. More often than not, the city’s favorite sons ended up walking off the field a hard-luck loser rather than a winner. The two biggest franchises in town finished under .500, good enough for Pittsburgh or Kansas City, but not Philadelphia, not the one we’ve come to know the last five or six years.

The year started off with another Giants Super Bowl and is ending with the very real idea that guys like Bryce Harper, Chris Kreider and RG3 will be standing in the way of any Philadelphia championships for years to come.  In-between we had the biggest story of the year taking place at Penn State University, the Olympics, a death in the Eagles family, Andy Reid’s firing, a blockbuster 76ers trade that was greeted with a public press conference, a public divorce and impending lawsuit with the Union’s head coach, second round exits for both the 76ers and Flyers after emotional first round victories and the biggest move the Phillies made all year when they resigned Cole Hamels.

Top Six Games Of The Year

76ers vs. Celtics, Game 6

Garnett’s pre-game comments, IVERSON, Celtics jump out to early lead, 76ers come back to win in the best and most fulfilling game of the year.

Flyers vs. Penguins, April 1

The game that set the stage for the series that was the pinnacle of the Philadelphia sports year.  The cheap shot on Danny Briere ignited the spirits of both teams and provided the perfect pre-cursor to the first round series that the Flyers ended up taking.

Flyers vs. Penguins, Game 2

An incredible seesaw game that saw the Flyers go down 2 goals twice and yet still come back to win on Pittsburgh’s home ice. The only emotions that were higher than the fans were the players as “whatever you can do we can do better” provided an intense 3-hour viewing experience that will never be forgotten.

Phillies vs. Brewers, July 23

Coming off a series loss to the eventual World Series champions SF Giants, the Phillies provided one of the lone highlights of the season as the swept the Brewers with three consecutive 7-6 walk-off victories, none more fun than this one that featured journeyman back-up catcher scoring off a 300 FT line-drive sacrifice fly. [video]

Eagles Vs. Buccaneers

A completely lost Eagles season, still the city’s most favorite professional franchise, was filled with turnovers, 4th quarter heartbreak and off-the-field drama.  The lone bright spot, despite 3 game-winning drives from one of the most divisive eagles of all-time Mike Vick early on in the season, was a Nick Foles lead come-from-behind victory that featured an amazing catch from Jason Avant and a walk-off TD. [video]

Flyers vs. Rangers, Winter Classic

All the speculation, all the hype, all the talk, the Roots and the TV show led up to a spectacular event, with a disappointing result.

The Best Playoff Series Of The Year

The Flyers/Penguins first round series was a matchup made in hockey fan heaven and at the center of it from the start was Sydney Crosby. Set up by a late season, fight filled regular season game both teams and fanbases were on edge from the start.  Seesaw games, taunting newspaper covers, blogs!, glove swatting and lots of soft goaltending this series lived up to the pre-series hype.

Claude Giroux’s Performance Was Legendary

Watch: Sidney Crosby Reacts to Daily News ‘Cowardly’ Cover

Watch: Chris Therien’s Fantastic Crosby Rant Set to Game Video

Year In Crime

Horrible crimes. Committed by criminals. That damage the reputation of the city and the teams that they supposedly “support.”

Awful Video: Flyers and Rangers Fans Fight at Geno’s After Winter Classic

Police Release Video of Sixers-Bulls Related Shooting in West Philly

Verdict: Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty on 45 of 48 Counts

Year In Music

Flyers select a Pittsburgh rapper, no not that one, to get celebrate victories

DeSean Jackson started a label and recorded custom rap songs

Papelbon keeps head in the sand


Top 5 Phillies Highlights For Optimists

Before he got injured, then suspended Freddy Galvis made plays, earned the love of his manager and showed he is may be in the Phillies future plans for a long time.


The legend of Darin Ruf may turnout to be a better story than his actual playing career, but there is no doubting this slugger is someone who will be talked about endlessly as we enter the 2013 season.

Ryan Howard

A meaningless September baseball game that gave most Phillies fans hope that Ryan Howard was not what they were reading or seeing (lose some weight) on their TV as he lofted a game winning homerun to rightfield off a LHRP to win the game with 2 outs in the 9th inning. The result was meaningless, but the promise of return to form was worth the 9-inning wait. [video]

Chase Utley showed up to Spring Training and was a spectator, his return to the line-up after missing what seemed like half a season provided what some will say is the highlight of the year.

Philippe Aumont was the under-performing pitcher the Phillies got in the Cliff Lee trade, well turns out he has nasty stuff, if he can control it, and earned his first Save and this memorable strikeout. [GIF]

Top 5 Highlights For Phillies Pessimists

The spring training velocity speculation, the walks, the inconsistency, all things no Phillies fan expected from Roy Halladay.

The guy with the huge contract that he will never live up to, the guy coming back from a devastating injury, the guy who strikes out too much – Ryan Howard isn’t going anywhere and many people are not happy about it

John Mayberry has good genes, but he strikes out a lot and does some odd things in the outfield.

19 years old, Rookie Of The Year, Natittude, Bryce Harper will be an annoying thorn in the side of the Phillies for the next decade, before he goes to the Yankees

The Year In Wayne Simmonds.

We love Wayne Simmonds.  He’ll fight anyone, hits and he scored a goal off his face…

Then the next day fought someone and scored a goal…whatever else happened this year does not stop this…


The Year In Style

DRC in pink

Cole Hamels does Cole Hamels-esque thing
People love the Flyers

Bare it all

Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind

What happens when you trade big name, high priced players? They win championships apparently, as Mike Richards, Jeff Carter and Hunter Pence left Philadelphia and went on to hoist their respective World Championship trophies.  Bitter? Nah?  Hindsight? Sure. Of the three, Richards is the one trade that many would want to have back, guy is a career winner, despite his off-the-ice, “not good in the room” reputation, the numbers don’t lie.

Chris Pronger

Concussions are nothing to laugh about anymore.  Every sport is now being faced player safety not just as an afterthought, but as something that may hit their pocketbook.  No player was missed more in 2012 than Chris Pronger.  Pronger is one of the most fierce and feared, good and bad, players in the NHL and the Flyers spent an entire season without their Captain and leader by example.  No one knows what the future holds for Pronger, but Flyers fan are all in agreement that he deserves to live a healthy and symptom free life.

Standing Ovation for Chris Pronger

Recent Things That Make Aaron Adam Excited…

A statement like “the 76ers owner is on Twitter”  should be a great thing, but instead it is just a constant stream of meaningless statistics, homer-isms and small-market-minor-league promotional tactics…

Interacting with conspiracy theorists

You got a new yacht? Congrats.

Marlon Wayans

Random, meaningless stats support




Common people

Dates for Bynum 

The end.