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Video: Ruben Amaro Jr. Says Roy Halladay has as long as he needs

Apr 11, 2013, 1:33 PM EDT

Without a doubt, the biggest question facing the Phillies at
this moment is whether or not Roy Halladay can rebound. The second biggest question
is how many times can they afford to trot Doc out there ever fifth day when he’s
completely ineffective?

Jim Salisbury asked Ruben Amaro Jr. just that on Wednesday’s
edition of Philly Sports Talk. The Phils’ general manager stood strong in
support Halladay, which is probably to be expected with a player of his
standing, although I don’t think “forever” was necessarily the answer the
judges were looking for.

(Okay, so he didn’t actually say “forever.”)

It’s nice that the organization believes in and backs
Halladay, and I’m not sure he’s done yet, either. That said, the way things
have been going for Doc so far this year, the Phillies need to start at least
considering Plan B. Regardless of what RAJ says, they probably already are.

But for now it seems Halladay has time to find himself – and
if Amaro is to be believed, he’s got awhile yet.