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Video: Watch Mike Schmidt Go 0-3 On Family Feud Way Back Circa 1980

Dec 18, 2012, 4:18 AM EDT

Big League Stew’s Dave Brown unearthed this gem of a YouTube featuring members of the 1980 Phillies taking on the Kansas City Royals in a rematch of the legendary Fall Classic in which Philadelphia was crowned World Champions of Baseball. Except this time they were playing the Family Feud game show with total badass host Richard Dawson. Plenty of guys hitting below the Mendoza line on this stage.

Answer Dave really put on his best analytical cap to break down Dawson’s tendencies — Gary Maddox does look like one smooth individual though, doesn’t he? — as well as examine Mike Schmidt’s awful 0-3 in common sense on the day, so I can’t stress enough that you need to go read Dave’s amazing synopsis of the above video.

Also, the way Mike Schmidt says “warsh,” as in to clean… what kind of accent is that?

>>1980 Royals get World Series revenge on Phillies playing ‘Family Feud’ (Video) [BLS]