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We live in a world in which Pat Burrell is no longer a professional baseball player.

Jan 30, 2012, 1:47 PM EDT

Pat Burrell has retired from baseball.

Tim Dierkes of is reporting that Pat Burrell has retired. For the most part, we’ve already said our goodbyes to Pat the Bat, who left Philadelphia after helping the Phils to a World Series championship and riding on a Clydesdale-drawn carriage with his then wife and dog. After doing some time with the Tampa Bay Rays, Pat was a member of the San Francisco Giants team that dispatched the Phillies in the 2011 postseason, then won it all.

He’ll certainly be among the most memorable Phillies of the WFC generation, with highs and lows on the field and legendary status off of it. Here’s hoping Pat doesn’t disappear from public life just because he’s hanging up the the Bat. We’d miss him too much. Nick will be along shortly with some remembrances of Burrell.

Fellow WFC teammate Shane Victorino took the time out of his busy day swimming with dolphins to wish the Bat a fond farewell: