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Allen Iverson Finally Appears Set to Hoop It Up in China

Sep 6, 2012, 4:41 PM EDT

We’ll never tire of hearing about the post-NBA life/career of former Sixers legend Allen Iverson. Whether it’s his exploits in Turkey or his failed attempts to get back into the League, we still love hearing about what A.I. is up to at the moment.

According to basketball blog Rush’N Hoops, Iverson is finally set to play some ball in China.

They write:

Allen Iverson has finally decided to pursue his
basketball career in China, and has to take what’s available right now –
a contract for a handful of exhibition games. It remains possible that
the former NBA MVP signs with a professional team in China before start
of the season, but so far the talks didn’t result in a deal.

They have a bunch of photos of A.I. at a press conference in China looking like he wishes he were at the nearest T.G.I. Friday’s and link to what appears to be the site for the upcoming exhibition games. Any Chinese readers out there?

Pretty badass poster as well.