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Andrew Bynum Is Lubing Up His Knees, Getting Ready for the Real Deal B-Ball Action?

Jan 31, 2013, 1:11 PM EDT

Sometimes knee injections are a sign of progress. That’s hopefully the case for Andrew Bynum as he spent Thursday up in New York getting some joint-lubrication injected into his knees.

John Finger has the low down:

The Synvisc injections, which Bynum received in both knees, are common
for basketball players readying to pick up their action on the court. A
Sixers’ spokesman said the appointment with Dr. Altchek was scheduled
previously and is not a setback.

If you want to get into the technical nature of what the stuff does, you can read more here.

But the part that caught my eye was the “common when readying to pick up their action.”

Andrew Bynum picking up his action is all Sixers fans have been dreaming about lately. We could get some picking up of action as early as next week.

Fingers crossed.