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Charles Barkley Talks Dog Poop

Oct 1, 2011, 12:09 PM EDT

Not only does Charles Barkley have a dog named 'Yoohoo,' he's now giving out advice on picking up dog poop.

Charles Barkley is doing some sort of “Dear Abby” advice column for the Daily News’ new weekly sports paper/thing that comes out on Saturdays. In the first Q&A with Sir Charles, a fan asks Chuck about how to deal with drunk Eagles fans if you’ve got your little daughter along with you at the Linc (a questionable idea to begin with). Because nobody knows how to deal with rude drunk guys like Charles Barkley.

But that’s not the good part, the real juicy stuff comes when a reader asks Barkley about how to deal with people’s dogs shitting all over the pavement in front of his house.

Not only does Barkley answer the unhappy poop-cleaner-upper’s question, but he also invites him out for drinks!

Here’s Chuck’s actual advice on the dog poop dealings:

Listen, it’s rude and inconsiderate not to clean up after your dogs. I
got two dogs, Mango and Yoohoo. They’re little Mi-Kis. And you gotta
pick up their poop and put it in a receptacle. It’s just rude and
inconsiderate to leave your dog’s poop on other people’s area. But to
get a dog’s DNA? You got way too much time on your hands. Though now
that I think of it, that could be a good “CSI” show, “CSI: Dog Poop.”

Also, Charles Barkley has a dog named Yoohoo.

>>Ask Sir Charles [DN]

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