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Clarence Weatherspoon Lived in Brett Farve’s Dorm

Sep 15, 2011, 4:42 PM EDT

From the department of random crap we never knew or never really needed to know: Former Sixer Clarence Weatherspoon lived in the same dorm as Brett Favre at Southern Miss.

With the lockout in full effect, the Sixers and their website have to fill the need for content somehow. Luckily for us, they’re running a series of alumni interviews with some fan favorites from over the years.

Today, provides a real nice Q&A with the Spoon, Clarence Weatherspoon.

First, a few random facts from my childhood. I was into collecting sports cards. For some reason I was more into basketball and football cards rather than the traditional baseball cards. I had baseball cards too, but not nearly as many.

There were two players whose cards I stock piled for reasons not entirely clear. No. 1 on my list of cards was legendary Detroit Lion RB Barry Sanders — perhaps my favorite athlete as a kid. I had over 200 of his cards, including the coveted 1989 Score rookie.

But No. 2 on my list was a little bit stranger. For reasons I’m not at all sure of to this day, I had upwards of 100-125 Clarence Weatherspoon cards.

Totally random.

And with that, here’s a highlight from the Sixers’ Q&A:

S.C:Did you ever hang out with Brett Farve while you were both at Southern Miss?

CR: We lived in the same dorm; Van Hall was the
athletic dorm so we had meal tables there for training. We always had
great sports programs. Southern Miss is a school that can produce great
football, baseball and basketball players.