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Curious What the Sixers Would Look Like with Sleeves? We Gave It a Shot

Feb 13, 2013, 11:40 AM EDT

The Golden State Warriors announced on Monday that they’ll be wearing this jersey (modeled on the right by Harrison Barnes) at some point this season.

The league’s jersey partner, Adidas, announced in that same press conference that this alternate look could be in store for multiple teams moving forward, but that Warriors will be the only ones wearing sleeves this season.

So, we started thinking over what a Sixers alternate-sleeve jersey might look like.

We then enlisted the help of @dzangaroCSN who partnered with Kulp to give their best shot at a couple mockups. Jrue Holiday surveys the floor in sleeves below:



Underrated quality of the sleeves is that Dwight Howard would basically cease to have arms.

Otherwise, it’s more or less a soccer kit, and I prefer to rock sleeveless when I eat Goldfish on my couch in a Chris Mullin throwback.

Your thoughts?