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Do You Want Big Shot Back? Take to the Tweets!

Feb 12, 2012, 4:36 PM EDT

Adam Aron admits there is a surprising interest in reinstating Big Shot as Sixers mascot.

Sixers CEO Adam Aron was busy tweeting away per usual on Sunday afternoon, touching on all sorts of topics related to his resurgent basketball club. But one tweet of interest that caught our eye had to do with the groundswell of support there seems to be for the organization to bring back that big goofy mascot Big Shot.

Aron asked his followers the simple question of whether or not they want Big Shot back. Would you like to see Big Shot return?

Been a surprising ground swell for Big Shot. Do you want Big Shot
back… Yes or No? RT @alex_ep what up with
bigshot? U bringing him back?″>Feb
12 via Twitter for iPad