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Exactly What Needs to Happen for Jrue Holiday to Win NBA MVP This Season?

Sep 11, 2012, 1:06 PM EDT

Friend of the Level and Sixers blogger Michael Levin takes a detailed look at what needs to happen around the NBA this season for Jrue Holiday to be named the 2012-13 NBA MVP. Why would he do that you ask? Because some people are actually throwing the Damaja’s name out there as a dark horse candidate for the honor.

Among the exact things that would need to happen, as Leving suggests: “Derrick Rose’s ACL explodes, shattering his leg entirely. In the
explosion, some ACL shrapnel gets stuck in Joakim Noah’s eye and he goes
blind.” Or “Nobody signs Allen Iverson.”

Go check out the whole list for some lulz.

UPDATE: We are big Jrue Holiday fans, for the record, and anticipate big things for him in 2012-13. Just not an MVP.


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