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Gonzo and Marcus Hayes Actually Agree on Andre Iguodala Deserving an Ovation

Oct 29, 2012, 3:50 PM EDT’s John Gonzalez and’s Marcus Hayes faced off on Sunday night to discuss all of the pressing issues in Philadelphia today.

When I saw one of the topics was going to be whether or not Andre Iguodala should get cheered or booed upon his homecoming for the season opener on Wednesday night at the Wells Fargo Center, I got quite excited. One of them would have to argue the negative side and that would prove to be fantastic.

Alas, the two mostly agree that Iguodala was a solid Sixer during his time here and their best player for much of it.

So what say you, the average fan? Surely Dre deserves a warm welcome home, but what about a pregame video? I tend to agree with Gonzo that that is probably a bit much.