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Here’s a Sixers dancer doing cheerleader moves in front of a carnival game on the boardwalk

Oct 4, 2013, 1:19 PM EDT

source:  You may have seen the feature on Deadspin yesterday about “Athletes Among Us,” a photo series of athletes doing regular sporty type things in everyday life settings. Pretty interesting stuff like a bunch of Olympic rowers in the middle of a pool on floats or an NFL football player tackling his wife into bed.

The folks at Deadspin got the photographer, Jordan Matter, to explain some of the shots. Sadly, the shot of Sixers’ dancer Cassie Wolff was not among those given further detail, but it’s still a pretty cool shot. Wildwood, New Jersey?

Visit Matter’s photography site here for more.

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UPDATE: Cassie also apparently stars in Mac Miller’s new video:

And a little photo gallery of everyone’s favorite redheaded Sixers Dancer, Cassie, below: