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Hype Post: Danny Ainge Says He Feared Andrew Toney More Than Michael Jordan

May 26, 2012, 1:02 PM EDT

For the Sixers fans, there's no more enjoyable piece of the "Classic Rivalry" than the play of the "Boston Strangler," Andrew Toney.

The Sixers marketing department has done their utmost to bill this series as the continuation of a feud going all the way back to the Wilt and Russell years.  “The classic rivalry continues,” they’ve written on the JumboTron and elsewhere around Wells Fargo Center.

Well, for the Sixers fans, there’s no more enjoyable piece of that classic rivalry than the play of the “Boston Strangler,” Andrew Toney.
While sifting through some videos this morning to get you maniacs properly unhinged for later this evening (if only this were a home game), Rev came across this NBA Vintage package on Toney’s career.
Should you be so inclined, feel free to watch all five parts. But if you’re looking for some choice quotes about Andrew and his career against the Celtics, start at the 7:40 mark of Part 1 and play through until 1:20 into Part 2.
We’ll let former Celtics guard and current Boston general manager Danny Ainge take it from here: