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Manute Bol’s Son is the Most Terrifying Matchup Problem in the 7th Grade

Oct 9, 2012, 5:23 PM EDT

Former Philadelphia 76er and Caribbean Cruise passenger Manute Bol may no longer be with us but does have his son to carry on his basketball legacy.

Bol Bol (that is not a typo) is a 6-foot-5 seventh grader who — as evidenced by the video below via WithLeather — can shoot, put the ball on the floor, and obviously tower over pretty much anyone middle school can throw at him in the post.

The through-the-legs-and-then-behind-the-back recovery after losing his handle at the 37-second mark is everything you could ever want from watching a 13 year old ball.

His father spent three seasons with the Sixers from 1990 to 1992. Since he set the mark in his rookie year of 1985-86, no one has matched Bol’s single-season average of 4.96 blocks per game.

If there are luxury cruiseliners in Heaven, they surely all include Manute Bol.


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