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Mo Speights Doesn’t Think the Sixers Are Losing a Great Coach Anyway

Apr 15, 2013, 12:00 PM EDT

Because if there’s anyone whose thoughts on Doug Collins we’ve been waiting to hear, it’s former Sixer Mo Speights.

Speights was in town yesterday with his new Cleveland team for the Sixers final home game of the season. He was asked for his thoughts about Collins as a coach and he didn’t really hold back.

“I’m not going to really sit and bad mouth people like that,” he told, “but, I feel like, sometimes he gives up on people a
little too quick. He’s an alright coach. Would I say he was one of my
best coaches I had? No. My worst? No. He’s an alright coach.”

All joking aside, this seems to be a common theme among players who’ve played for Collins. Great basketball mind, great for a postgame quote, crazy impressive memory, just an alright coach.

As for the “giving up on players” too soon angle, you can’t exactly say that about Evan Turner though. Seems as if Collins was still holding out hope for him.

Miss you, Mo Speezy.

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