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Nets vs. Sixers: If You Don’t Want to Pretend Like This Game Matters, I Will

Apr 9, 2013, 5:53 PM EDT

Yes, I will be in attendance tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn
as the visiting Sixers take on the Nets. (Don’t worry, they’re my Nets
fan friends tickets, and he got them as a birthday gift, I’m not
actually spending money to watch either of these teams.) There’s not
much left of interest as this team plays out the string, but I’ll be
curious to see who blinks first between Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes in
their respective double-digit scoring streaks (six games and 12 games,
respectively), as both play to try to convince the Sixers that they can
play with something vaguely resembling “consistency” next season. Also, I
mostly hate the Nets and like watching the Sixers win games against
them, so there’s that. If it’s not enough for you, I won’t judge.

tip from Barclays. Also of mild interest tonight: Michael Levin of
Liberty Ballers has promised to murder Doug Collins if he plays the
clearly exhausted Jrue Holiday more than 35 minutes tonight (which he
almost certainly will, because it’s Doug Collins), so when you see a
very irritated man in his early 20s armed with plastic cutlery rushing
the Sixers bench sometime late in the fourth quarter, that’s probably
who it is.

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