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Official: Doug Collins Out as Sixers Head Coach

Apr 18, 2013, 11:00 AM EDT

Although Foles' faster-than-anticipated ascendency is saving what would otherwise be a torturous preseason to date—and we the football-starved people appreciate that—it comes with a few grains of salt.

Here is the anti-climactic finish to the anti-climactic season
for the 76ers. As expected, Doug Collins stepped down from his post as head
coach on Thursday morning at a news conference held less than 12 hours after the
completion of a 34-48 record.

Collins told the press that he already decided not to return
for a fourth season on the sidelines way back over Christmas, citing a desire
to spend more time with his family. The Sixers are typically scheduled on a
lengthy west-coast road trip during the holidays, and it seems this year that may have
taken a toll on the 62-year-old father and grandfather.

Both Collins and owner Josh Harris said the decision was the
coach’s, with Harris adding the organization would have liked him to stay,
contrary to certain reports. Collins will remain with the Sixers in an advisory role.

“It was a personal decision for him. I want to make it very clear,” Harris explained. “I would love to have Doug Collins back as my coach next year. This is his decision. He’s not being pushed out.”

Regardless of whose decision it was to make or when it was
made, the news comes as no surprise. Collins had one year remaining on his
contract, and had never coached longer than three seasons at any of his previous
three stops. With the 76ers stuck in park, it was hard to imagine him enduring
another 82 games.

Doug did announce he departs with his head held high though,
proud of what he accomplished during his time in Philly. There were some good
times to remember for sure, even if the state he leaves the franchise in is
one of chaos.