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Rumor Mill: Could Allen Iverson Play in the Battle for I-95 at the Palestra?

Sep 21, 2011, 1:03 PM EDT

According to a promotional website, Allen Iverson is in Philadelphia this weekend and is hosting an event at Vault Ultra Lounge. It's also the same weekend of the much-hyped Philly vs. Baltimore "Battle for I-95" glorified pickup game at the Palestra. Hmm...

Let’s look at the facts. The much-hyped pickup game featuring many of the NBA’s brightest stars is set to take place on Sunday night at the Palestra on Penn’s campus. An Eventbrite website is now promoting a Ciroc Vodka party hosted by Sixers’ legend Allen Iverson on Saturday night at Vault Ultra Lounge on N. 2nd Street.

Now, we’ve seen athletes names attached to parties in the past without it being approved by the player, but if this turns out to be legit and A.I. is in Philadelphia this weekend, well, he’d have to play at the Palestra on Sunday night, right?

Intrepid Tweeter and proprietor of, Meech, asked this very question to the organizer of the Battle for I-95, Rahim Thompson.

@RTChosenleague Iverson’s in town, I assume that means he’ll make an appearance? (or is that a secret?)
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Now, Meech seems to assume the “no comment” response means Iverson will show up on Sunday night and show off his aging crossover move, but I’m not as sure. If Iverson is in Philly, I’d expect him to play, but there’s still the chance he’s not in Philly at all this weekend, and if Thompson knows this and gives a “no comment” answer, it creates more of a buzz on the Internet and maybe some gullible websites might even write about it.

But who knows, maybe Allen Iverson plays against LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant on Sunday in West Philly.

That would make for a wild weekend.

UPDATE: The AP’s Dan Gelston passes along info that “Iverson ‘isn’t planning to play’ Sunday, per manger Gary Moore.”

We shall see.

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