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Sixers Anti-Playoff Push Continues Against Indiana

Apr 17, 2012, 6:01 PM EDT

The plummeting Sixers play the surging Pacers in their last home game of a disappointing 2011-12 season.

To the surprise of nobody, the Sixers were not able to take care of
business last night against a Magic team that had Daniel Orton, Von
Wafer, Earl Clark and the ghost of Penny Hardaway playing big minutes
for it last night, giving up 11 threes and losing 113-100. It was not
the offensive woes that have so plagued this team in recent days that
ended up sinking them in O-Town, but a defensive effort that could
generally be described as “open-minded.” This does not bode well for the
team’s chances against the Indiana Pacers, who have scored over 100
against their last five opponents (all Pacer wins), and who visit Philly
tonight for a game that might have meant something three weeks ago.

Of course, the loss to the Magic probably wasn’t such a bad thing, nor
will be the likely loss to the Pacers tonight. The Sixers are pushing
New York for that coveted eight (or more importantly, not-seven) seed,
and with a couple more losses, they’re all but ensured not playing the
Heat in the first round. Of course, we can also dream about the Bucks
catching the Sixers for the eight seed and sparing us having to watch
this team in the post-season at all, but with the Bucks still having a
couple tough games against the Celtics and Pacers and a couple gimme-ish
games left on the Sixers’ schedule, it’s gonna take a real team effort
for Philly to tank that badly. Don’t put anything past this bunch,

7:00 tip from the WFC, mercifully our last home game of the season. “I
can’t figure out why we’re playing like this at home,” quoth Sixers
coach Doug Collins. “I just can’t figure it out.” It’s a question for
the summer at this point, Dougie.