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Sixers Come One Point Shy of Free Big Macs, Fans Boo, Doug Collins Says He’s Buying

Dec 22, 2012, 10:57 AM EDT

The Sixers ended their 5-game losing streak last night by defeating the Atlanta Hawks 99-80 in South Philadelphia. As any frequent visitor to the Wells Fargo Center is well aware of, the Sixers’ point total is exactly one shy of free Big Macs for all of the fans who attended the game. How do you think said fans reacted to the win, when Evan Turner ran out the clock, not ever attempting a shot to put them into triple digits? By booing of course. They wanted their free meat, damn it.

The above video shows the final play where ET is just dying to deliver for the fans. You can even see him pleading with the fans, smiling, pointing at Doug Collins, seemingly thinking, “but Coach doesn’t want us to run a play to win you free Big Macs! Sorry, guys!”

Alas, after the game Doug Collins rectified the situation by having the PA announcer tell the fans that all the burgers are on Doug’s tab.

Real nice move, Doug. Real nice.