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That Guy Kneeling Next to the Sixers Bench Gets Much-Deserved TV Profile

Feb 9, 2012, 6:29 PM EDT

After his big showing on Monday night against Kobe and the Lakers, Old Man Knees finally gets the TV profile he deserves.

After his impressive showing on Monday night against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, the legend of the fan only known across the Internet as “Old Man Knees” continues to grow. People everywhere (including my dad) were openly wondering “who is that guy with the white beard kneeling at all of the Sixers games?”

CSN’s Amy Fadool caught up with Old Man Knees and helped answer that very question. His name is Alan Horwitz and he’s a lifelong Sixers fan whose fortune made in the student housing business has allowed him to get those sweet, sweet courtside seats that he often opts not to sit in, instead kneeling on the hardwood for a better view of the action.

He’s been a Sixers fan since way back in the Wilt days and has been a season ticket holder for “probably 35 years,” sitting in those amazing bench-area courtiside seats since they were first made available four years ago.

The one question that was not answered: why so kneedy?