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The One About Willie Green, a Missing Woman, an Anonymous Letter Implicating a Camden Cop and a Boston Chop Shop

Jan 10, 2013, 3:51 PM EDT

Here’s a story that sounds more like the plot to a movie involving Mark Wahlberg than an actual real life tale. A Chester County woman was out partying in 2009 and ends up at the home of former Sixers player Willie Green. There’s some hubbub when she’s asked to leave around 5:00 am, then she disappears and is never seen again. The pro basketball player is cleared of any wrong doing, but years later an anonymous letter shows up at a private detectives office claiming a Camden cop paid the letter writer to dispose of the missing woman’s car at shop in Boston. Shady.

It’s a bizarre tale. Jason Nark does a nice job telling it for the Daily News. So go read the whole thing if you’re so inclined. Authorities are following up on said letter accordingly.

>>Anonymous letter claims cop killed Chesco woman missing since ’09 [DN]