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Thus Ends the Jason Kapono Era in Philadelphia

Dec 9, 2011, 11:39 AM EDT

What can be said for Kapono's time as a Sixer? No, really, that wasn't rhetorical. Help us out here.

Somehow lost in last evening’s Chris Paul-David Stern-Dan Gilbert traveshamockery was a late night report that veteran sharpshooter Jason Kapono is on his way to the Los Angeles Lakers, and that the league is actually going to just let it happen.

What can be said for Kapono’s time as a Sixer? No, really, that wasn’t rhetorical. Help us out here.

Traded from Toronto to Philadelphia in return for Reggie Evans in 2009, Kapono played almost a full season (81 games) over the past two years. On the bright side, uh…On the other hand, there’s the fact that we traded a hard-nosed defender with a Top-10 beard and a desire to do nothing but “hoop” for a guy who decided it would be kitsch to change his jersey number to 72 based on his affinity for shooting 12.5% from 3 last season. Though, in his defense, he didn’t know he was going to be that bad when he made the number change.

So, to recap, the Los Angeles Lakers don’t have Chris Paul, but do have two game-changing all-stars who they publicly failed to trade less than 24-hours ago AND Jason Kapono.

Catch the season premiere of the Lake Show on December 25th on ABC. It’s gonna be a good one.