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With This Absurd Life Choice as Inspiration, Which Philly Athlete is Most Likely to Shave a Logo into His Own Head?

Dec 21, 2012, 12:31 PM EDT

Behold Amir Johnson’s head. (And his back. And that bar code he’s rocking.)

The 6-foot-9 Toronto forward thought it a good idea to shave the Raptors’ logo into the back of his skull and get it appropriately colored.

Two things race to mind:

1. David Puddy

2. The scene where Heath Ledger is threatening Maggie Gyllenhaal with the knife and tells her he stuck a razor in his mouth and, “did ‘this’ to [himself].”

Amir Johnson is basically saying the same thing, minus the facial scarring.

Anyhow, he got us thinking: Which Philadelphia athletes are the most likely to shave a logo into their own heads? Temple forward Anthony Lee pulled it off earlier this month, but who else is a candidate?

We’ve hastily put together a Top 5 list:

1. Andrew Bynum (Not a Sixers logo)

2. DeSean Jackson (Something sponsored)

3. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Anything really)

4. Spencer Hawes (An elephant, although he already did this)

5. Nick Young (Either letters spelling out “Swaggy P” or a picture of his own face, preferably this one)

Alright, who and what did we forget? Go.

h/t Ball Don’t Lie for the Amir shot and @LukeButler for Hawes’ Space Needle