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  1. Eagles Highlight of the Game: Brent Celek Hurdles Ed Reed

    Sep 16, 2012, 4:41 PM EDT

    Brent Celek had an absolute beast of a day for the Eagles in their 24-23 win over the Baltimore Ravens on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in South Philadelphia. Not only was he Mike Vick’s favorite target, racking up 8 receptions for 157 yards, but he made a couple of huge catches on the Birds’ game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter

    On top of all of that, he had the badass catch when he got destroyed by Bernard Pollard but still managed to get up and do his favorite first-down celebration (photo + GIF). Later in the game, he showed off his hops by hurdling Ed Reed. It only earned him an extra yard or two but it looked ridiculous.

  2. GIF: Brent Celek Gets Destroyed by Bernard Pollard, Holds On for FIRST DOWN

    Sep 16, 2012, 2:07 PM EDT

    Brent Celek got absolutely destroyed by Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard late in the first quarter but managed to hold on to the ball. He looked a bit dazed for a second before getting up and doing an emphatic first-down motion. It was pretty badass.

    GIF of the play by the great @dhm:

  3. Why the Eagles Will Beat the Ravens (or Why Not)

    Sep 16, 2012, 12:02 PM EDT

    It was a rough week for the Eagles. You know it’s bad when we’re accused of being overly critical about the team on this blog. Unfortunately, winning did little to cover the stench of last week’s brutal offensive performance, so even though there were plenty of positives to take away — like winning the game — everything had to be qualified with, “Yeah, but.”

    What didn’t make it any better were the Ravens lurking on the horizon. The Week 2 match-up against one of the AFC’s best was expected to be used as an early measuring stick at best, an early smackdown at worst. Now seemingly nobody wants to go on the record predicting the Eagles will win this game, and there is a fear it could get ugly.

  4. Scenes from the Eagles 2012 Home Opener

    Sep 16, 2012, 11:31 AM EDT

    It’s an absolutely beautiful day in Philadelphia for some football. If you haven’t stepped outside yet, the forecast for the Eagles-Ravens 1:00 pm kickoff calls for 73 degrees and sunshine.

    Here’s a photo gallery we’ll be updating throughout the day with scenes from the Linc. Nothing like a bacon, egg, and cheese with a cold beer in a parking lot.

  5. Mike Vick Mic’d Up Against the Browns On NFL Network

    Sep 14, 2012, 3:24 PM EDT

    NFL Network’s Sound FX program had a microphone on Michael Vick for the Eagles victory over the Browns last Sunday. You can watch a four and a half minute clip of it over at to get a pretty interesting look at what Mike Vick’s demeanor is like on game day, especially when things aren’t going his way.

  6. From the Vault Friday: Jay Cutler’s Face

    Sep 14, 2012, 1:19 PM EDT

    On occasion, we’ll be bringing you something from our archive that’s either back in the news or just on our minds.

    After his four-interception, 4.7-quarterback-rating catastrophe last night in Green Bay, we revisit this post from last November in tribute to Jay Cutler’s general attitude and facial expressions.

  7. Eagles Week 2 Splash Cartoon Features Mr. Rodgers-Cromartie’s Neighborhood

    Sep 14, 2012, 12:18 PM EDT

    Sometimes the Eagles splash cartoons are tremendously awful while other times they’re actually pretty solid pump ump videos.

    This week isn’t really either of those. Instead, it features week one stud Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie rocking his old pink shirt and playing the part of your friendly neighbor.

  8. Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson Look Fine at Practice Today Update

    Sep 14, 2012, 11:56 AM EDT

    Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson were both suited up and ready to go at Eagles practice today after battling hip and hamstring issues, respectively. Both sat out of practice on Thursday which left many wondering about their status for Sunday against the Ravens.

  9. Hugh Douglas Gets Turbo Giggles Watching Stephen A. and Skip Bayless Argue Joe Flacco

    Sep 14, 2012, 11:06 AM EDT

    Friend of the Level and Comcast crony Lee Russakoff, for some yet-to-be-determined reason, was watching ESPN’s First Take and heard words come out of Skip Bayless’ mouth and decided to type those words into Twitter for the rest of the world’s enjoyment.

    “The Eagles will make Flacco look like Fluke-O on Sunday,” Bayless said.

  10. Using’s New Coaches Film Feature to Evaluate the Vick vs. Ray Lewis Matchup

    Sep 13, 2012, 2:28 PM EDT

    As some of you may have heard, for the first time ever has made the coaches film available to any fan willing to pony up $70 for a Game Rewind package. What sets this apart from a traditional broadcast is it reveals what all 22 players on the field are doing during any given play, thus the nickname All-22.

    I had an opportunity to play around with the new feature for a few days after the Cowboys-Giants game, but it really opened up my eyes when the All-22 of Eagles-Browns became available for viewing on Wednesday. Going into the review with a sense of purpose changed the way I watched, and before long I was seeing much, much more than I ever could on Sunday.

  11. Opposition Beat: Talking Eagles-Ravens with CSN Baltimore

    Sep 13, 2012, 11:23 AM EDT

    Every week during the 2012 season we’re going to hit up some of the most knowledgeable people on the Internet when it comes to the team the Philadelphia Eagles are playing that particular Sunday. This week, we have J. Michael, Ravens Insider for CSN Baltimore.

    Kulp: There was a surprising amount of noise about Joe Flacco in the offseason. It’s a contract year for the Audubon, NJ native, and cynics jumped on Flacco’s assertion that he is not only a top-five quarterback in the NFL, he’s number one. Flacco responded on Monday against Cincinnati by posting one of the best games of his career (21/29, 299 Yds, 3 TD). Is there reason to believe we are going to watch him develop into an elite quarterback in year five?

    J. Michael: Flacco has a quiet, understated confidence. But he’ll tell you, he’s already there as a top five guy. He’s just not paid like one — yet.

  12. You Don’t Have to Look Very Far to Find This Sunday’s Worst Case Scenario

    Sep 12, 2012, 2:47 PM EDT

    You’ll no doubt remember the last time the Eagles played the Ravens. A slumping Donovan McNabb was the quarterback, and was benched at halftime of a 10-7 game in favor second-year QB Kevin Kolb. The events that ensued next were nothing short of a disaster.

    Think about this when you’re calling for Nick Foles to replace Michael Vick this Sunday.

  13. Today in Mike Vick’s On-Going Identity Crisis: The Whole Being Careful Thing…Again

    Sep 12, 2012, 1:29 PM EDT

    The latest update in the on-going “Mike Vick can’t make up his mind about just what kind of quarterback he wants to be” saga appears to have Vick willing to take on all defensive comers.

    Still, is “style” really the problem?

  14. Top Chef Kevin Sbraga Finally Bringing Something Tasty to the Linc, But Don’t Get Too Excited

    Sep 12, 2012, 11:43 AM EDT

    We look forward to eating at Citizens Bank Park when we’re making a day of a Phillies game. From Tony Luke’s to Bull’s BBQ, there are plenty of tasty food items. Whenever I make the trip to the Linc for an Eagles game or soccer match, on the other hand, I typically do my best to avoid having to eat anything sold there.

    So I got excited today when I first read that Top Chef and Philly native Kevin Sbraga would be adding a tasty new sandwich to the Linc’s offerings.

  15. Jaiquawn Jarrett Doesn’t Make It, Waived For WR Depth

    Sep 11, 2012, 4:49 PM EDT

    Starting during mini-camps and lasting deep into the summer, there was quite a bit of debate as to whether safety and 2011 second-round pick Jaiquawn Jarrett would make the Eagles’ 53-man roster this season. The Temple product defied doubters when cuts were announced, his name not among those on the chopping block despite a dreadful performance against Pittsburgh and tons of negative press.

    Just one week into his second NFL season however, the Cinderella story is apparently over for now. With Jeremy Maclin battling a hip injury and looking questionable to make the home opener against the Ravens on Sunday, the Birds released Jarrett to make way for WR Mardy Gilyard, a former fourth-round in St. Louis who spent training camp with the club.

  16. Ravens at Eagles Betting Line Moves After Baltimore’s Impressive Monday Night Victory

    Sep 11, 2012, 2:10 PM EDT

    We all know how the Eagles looked in their week one victory over the Cleveland Browns. Pretty much any other team in the NFL likely would have found a way to defeat the Birds given the same opportunities the Browns had on Sunday.

    The Baltimore Ravens on the other hand went out and tuned up the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night to the score of 44-13. Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, and the rest of the Ravens offense seriously impressed, helping the Ravens to cruise to victory.

    So what do these two contrasting games do to week two betting lines, you ask?

  17. Kurt Coleman Takes Near Decapitation at Hands of Trent Richardson Like a Man

    Sep 10, 2012, 2:09 PM EDT

    It was a big day for the Eagles secondary yesterday in Cleveland. DRC rocked the pink and picked two interceptions while Kurt Coleman nabbed two of his own but also nearly had his head taken off in one of the most visually stunning images of the first Sunday of the 2012 NFL season.

  18. Top to Bottom, Eagles’ Offense Is Offensive in Victory

    Sep 10, 2012, 12:21 AM EDT

    Michael Vick chucked four interceptions on Sunday, but spent a good portion of the afternoon running for his life. LeSean McCoy lost a fumble, although 54 yards from scrimmage were called back on penalties. Jeremy Maclin piled up 96 yards receiving and a touchdown, yet he too drew the hanky and later dropped the potential game winner. The offensive line struggled to keep an aggressive Browns pass rush out of the backfield, and still Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg opted for a run-pass ratio close to 3:1.

    No one individual can shoulder all of the blame for the pitiful offensive effort that hangs over the Eagles’ 17-16 win over Cleveland. Almost every player in the huddle had a hand in this stinker, with the coaching staff sharing plenty of responsibility in what became a proverbial perfect storm. The complete lack of play-calling balance, inability to consistently keep the quarterback clean, and constant shooting themselves in the foot very nearly, perhaps should have cost Philadelphia a game on Sunday.

    The worst part is, there were few signs of it turning around any time soon, especially with the defensive-minded Baltimore Ravens opening the Linc next week.

  19. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Rocks the Pink Shades

    Sep 9, 2012, 8:02 PM EDT

    You know how the old saying goes: look good, feel good, play good.

    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie rolled in to Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday rocking a pink shirt, pink pants, and pink glasses with no lenses.

  20. Video: Mike Vick Says He’s Gotta Get Out of Cleveland After Putrid Performance

    Sep 9, 2012, 5:43 PM EDT

    Mike Vick was surprisingly charming after tossing four interceptions — he’s lucky he didn’t throw a couple more — in the Eagles ugly win over the Browns on Sunday.

    Following the win, Vick joked with reporters about having to get out of Cleveland.

    Probably a good idea under any circumstances. But I’m not sure if changing zip codes is going to change his decision making ability.

  21. Everybody Breathe a Sigh of Relief

    Sep 9, 2012, 5:00 PM EDT

    The Eagles, and in particular Michael Vick, made this harder than it had to be. That said, what matters is the Birds escaped Cleveland with a win.

    Vick heaved four interceptions, including a pick six that handed the Browns the lead in the fourth quarter, as the offense failed to find a rhythm for most of the afternoon. With the game on the line, and an embarrassing loss looking increasingly likely, they finally figured it out in the closing moments. The Eagles moved 91 yards on 16 plays, capped off by a four-yard touchdown pass to Clay Harbor to steal the 17-16 victory.

  22. Eagles Highlight of the Game: DRC with the Hands

    Sep 9, 2012, 4:56 PM EDT

    Well then. The Eagles played one ugly football game on the offensive side of the ball. But thanks to a solid effort from the defense and the help of Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, Philadelphia is undefeated on the season.

  23. Previewing Week 1 Around the NFL

    Sep 9, 2012, 11:08 AM EDT

    The first NFL Sunday of the season has arrived. Ah… love that feeling. We’re taking a spin around the league to look at the match-ups involving future Eagles opponents or games that may have implications in the NFC East. If you’re watching Red Zone today or any of the later games, leave your comments on the action here.

  24. Latest Updates on Eagles-Browns: DeMeco Ryans, Bryce Brown, Trent Richardson, & More

    Sep 8, 2012, 5:00 PM EDT

    Sunday’s 1 p.m. kickoff is fast approaching, and while it feels like we’ve been setting the stage for months, news on both sides keeps rolling in. The Eagles’ linebacker situation got even weirder on Friday, while an injury on offense may change the complexion of their backfield. In Cleveland, Scott Fujita’s suspension may have been lifted, but will he play, and how big a dose of Trent Richardson will the Birds receive?

  25. Did Eagles Rookie RB Bryce Brown Never Play Tecmo Super Bowl?

    Sep 7, 2012, 4:03 PM EDT

    Bryce Brown is 21 years old which means he probably grew up playing some version of the ubiquitous Madden football video game. But does the younger generation who grew up playing Madden football not know the glory of Tecmo Super Bowl?