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A Whole Lot of Fans Can Watch the Eagles First Practice with Pads Sunday at the Linc

Jul 24, 2013, 10:52 AM EDT

Things finally started happening yesterday at Eagles training camp over at the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia. Not a ton of interesting things exactly. But the football activities finally got underway for the rookies and select vets already in camp.

With the rest of the veterans reporting later this week, Chip Kelly shared the news that the first real padded practice will be Sunday when the team takes things across the street where thousands of fans can watch at the Linc.

CSN’s Geoff Mosher has a whole lot more on the likely differences between an Andy Reid padded practice and what Chip Kelly has told us about his plans. Andy loved the pads. Chip hasn’t been as committal about them and says he’ll sprinkle them in here and there while using the four preseason games as the real chance to get some hitting in.

It seems pretty clear though that Sunday at the Linc isn’t going to be some promotional walk through event ala Flight Night. If you have one of the free tickets, you’re going to see a real practice. Not bad for the price of the ticket.