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Andy Reid Says DeMeco Ryans Has Some Comparisons to Brian Dawkins

Mar 21, 2012, 4:37 PM EDT

Andy Reid spoke very highly of new linebacker addition DeMeco Ryans on Wednesday, including comparisons to Brian Dawkins in terms of leadership.

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans was introduced to the media today at the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia and the mood was all positive. Ryans says he feels like he has been drafted all over again, is excited to feel the passion of the city, to play in a 4-3 defense, and that his Achilles is 100% healthy.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid spoke very highly of Ryans’ ability and was especially effusive in his praise when talking about DeMeco’s leadership abilities, going so far as to note he has some of the same qualities legendary Eagles saftey Brian Dawkins possessed. [video below]

“Does he almost have Brian Dawkins-type leadership qualities?” was the question posed to Andy.

“It’s funny that you say that,” Andy responded. “Rick Smith, their General Manager, actually said that. That that’s the type of person that you’re getting. Obviously two different individuals, but some of the leadership and character on and off the field, I would tell you, are the same.”

[watch the full presser here]