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Babin Claimed by Jacksonville, So You Should Root for His Production to Improve Over the Next Five Weeks

Nov 28, 2012, 4:41 PM EDT

In one of the many interviews Jason Babin gave during his
whirlwind media tour immediately following his release, the two-time Pro Bowler
said that he wanted to sack quarterbacks and play for winner. The NFL genie certainly
did not grant his second wish. The Jacksonville Jaguars, one of the only
remaining teams with a worse record than the Eagles at 2-9, claimed Babin on
Wednesday according to multiple reports.

The irony there is that he could still wind up helping the
Birds this year after all.

Jacksonville is desperate to find some pass rush, currently
tied with Oakland for last in the NFL at a paltry 13 sacks. That essentially
works out to one per game, so Babin’s 5.5 in 2012 probably look like an oasis
in the desert.

Actually, the best thing that could happen to the Eagles is
Babin goes there and plays well. The Jaguars have looked like a different team
since Chad Henne assumed the role of starting quarterback two weeks ago,
finally picking up their second win on Sunday. Add a legitimate pass rusher to the mix,
maybe the defense improves as well. If they keep winning, and Philly keeps
losing – that much seems likely at least – the Eagles could easily wind up with
a worse record, and thus the higher draft pick.

It’s a sign of the times when you’re holding out hope for a
guy to suddenly find the switch now that he’s playing for another team. At the
end of the day though, we’ll all have a laugh about Babin winding up someplace
far, far worse than Philadelphia, even if the records don’t exactly show it
right now.