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Chip Kelly Solicits Draft Advice from the Media, Says Eagles Will Target Player Z from Mars

Apr 16, 2013, 4:27 PM EDT

Our pals over at Beerleaguer posted about the New York Daily News suggesting that one of the key things the Yankees should do this offseason is trade center fielder Curtis Granderson to the Phillies for prospect Darin Ruf. We'd be okay with that. <p> Daily News writer John Harper was none too pleased with Grandyman's strikeout rate in 2012 and believes that the Yankees brass isn't going to commit to him long term, so with one option year left on his contract the time to move him is now. The return desired by Mr. Harper is the Phillies' Ruf.

Members of the media might want to proceed with caution when
trying to pin down Chip Kelly on the Eagles’ draft plans. He might just put you
on the spot.

Kelly held his first official practice as the Eagles head
coach on Tuesday, the big story from which was Michael Vick and Nick Foles
split most of the first-team reps at quarterback. But during the ensuing press
conference, questions about practice soon gave way to inquiries about players
in this year’s draft, at which point Chip turned the tables on one unsuspecting
reporter, Jeff McLane of the Inquirer.

“Is there a can’t-miss prospect?”

“Who would you take?”

McLane eventually spits out Eric Fisher, the offensive tackle out of Central Michigan, as his choice at number four. You better be right, Jeff, or
Chip’s never gonna let you live this down.

But after several minutes of interrogation, Kelly did
eventually reveal the name of a player he likes in this year’s draft: Player Z
from Mars. No doubt Z is suddenly rocketing up draft boards around the NFL, but unless
Jeffrey Lurie went along on the official visit, our analysis is this was your
classic example of a smokescreen.