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Cullen Jenkins Tweets Apology to Eagles Fans, Hates Spelling

Nov 27, 2011, 11:57 PM EDT

Philadelphia Eagle Cullen Jenkins tweets an apology to Eagles fans following a 38-20 loss to the New England Patriots

Just wanted to apologize to all you
eagle fans out there. We as players have to step it up. I’m imbarrased
for today.
via Twitter for iPad

Not sure where you stand on professional athletes taking to the internet to apologize for brutal losses, but Eagle Cullen Jenkins posted the above on Twitter following Sunday’s 38-20 loss to the Patriots.

I am inclined to take the big fella at his word here – even if that word happens to be “imbarrased.” Perhaps he’s so ashamed of their performance that the word “embarrassed” wasn’t quite capturing the full scope of his emotion. Truth be told, Jenkins was one of the few Eagles who didn’t embarrass himself on Sunday.

Look, we all make spelling mistakes – especially on Twitter. If nothing
else, and spelling aside, it’s nice to know that an actual member of the
team recognizes just how poor of a performance they put out there.

It’s not often that a real, honest, unvarnished statement makes its way out of the Eagles organization. It’s actually kind of refreshing. I think perhaps I’ll have a talk with Enrico about whether you’re eligible for the Misconduct Tavern Comment of the Week.

Oh, and Jenkins later recognized the error of his spelling ways and posted this follow up tweet.

Stall me out. Too many huts to the head lol
Nov 28 via Twitter for iPadFavoriteRetweetReply

Amen to that, Cullen. Here’s hoping the Eagles PR flacks don’t censor him for his off-message tweets. Lord knows we need all the hard hutting truth we can get. Cullen, I’ll gladly stall you out, man.