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DeSean Jackson Is Enjoying His Offseason

May 12, 2011, 12:04 PM EDT

So that's what DJacc has been upto...

So this is how NFL players are spending their downtime? If you ever wondered, based on his very interesting yet hard to discern tweets, just what kind of nightlife DeSean Jackson may be into, now you know.

I’ll admit it. There were a few brief minutes this morning where I had a yearning for some Eagles football, so I searched the YouTubes for DeSean Jackson’s name to try and bring up a few of his amazing highlight videos. Instead of watching DJacc make defenders look silly, I was greeted by an entire party video of silly looking people. For real, that one guy has red hair and a matching tattoo that reads “Kid Red” on *his neck*, perhaps to assist the colorblind who were curious as to his choice of dome coloring.

From what we gather, the event was a birthday party for G Magic at Hollywood (hotspot?) Club Colony. Other sporting celebs included Brandon Jennings and Amir Johnson. DeSean’s brief cameo comes in around the 1:55 mark.

It’s not all fun and (lack of) games for DeSean this offseason though as he’s doing quite a bit of charity work as well. He’ll host the DeSean Jackson Foundation Gala to help fight pancreatic cancer tomorrow night. Don’t forget DJacc showing up on Oprah to help oppose bullying as well.

*warning* video may contain some offensive language that’d you’d typically hear if you spent ridiculous money at a night club with loud music

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