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Donovan McNabb Finds a Way to Throw Michael Jordan Under the Bus

Jul 25, 2013, 11:41 AM EDT


The latest in Donovan McNabb’s media rounds appears in the September issue of Philadelphia Magazine and was made available to read online this morning.

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It’s another wide-ranging Q&A that goes from being booed on draft day to not puking in the Super Bowl to his relationship with Terrell Owens and even touches on how fans will react when he’s welcomed back to town in September.

But the nugget I found most fun was when he talked about the time he broke his fibula and stayed in the game to put together one of the more legendary performances of his career. Somehow, amazingly, he finds a way to blame His Airness, Michael Jordan.

From Philly Mag:

By 2000 and 2001 you were an elite quarterback—big numbers, dramatic comeback victories. Then you showed guts in 2002 against Arizona when you played with a broken fibula. What do you remember from that game?

Oh, man. I was with Brand Jordan. They didn’t send my rain-type shoes on time, so I went from Jordans back to Nike. I was slipping out there. I scrambled left, tried to give two guys a move, buy some time. I remember getting grabbed from behind. They checked my ankle on the sideline, taped it. We rallied, came back, great game. We go back in the locker room and they x-ray it. Bam: “You broke your ankle.”


“After the game, I went to the [Washington] Wizards game and said to Mike [Jordan], “Where were my shoes? I broke my ankle, man.”

I’ll give McNabb credit for his telling of the “air guitar” story though, when he says Leonard Weaver was on the drums and DeSean Jackson was rapping. “It was like a band. We were having a good time,” he said. I like that. I also enjoyed how he jokes about maybe bringing the air guitar back on September 19th when the team honors him at the Linc. At least he has some sense of humor left.

  1. hacks - Jul 25, 2013 at 1:09 PM

    And another writer desperately grasps for clicks by writing a story about a player who hasn’t been with this organization in 4 years.

    • buck - Jul 25, 2013 at 1:57 PM

      McNabb is so desperate for attention, it is pathetic.

  2. C'mon - Jul 25, 2013 at 1:36 PM

    Give me (and DMac) a break for crying out loud. Where’s your sense of humor??? This is clearly an amusing anecdote he’s recounting…McNabb makes a lot of hot-button comments, but not everything the man says needs to be twisted into some controversy…

  3. The Jayman - Jul 25, 2013 at 2:11 PM

    I was thinking this story was going to be about a pickup basketball game where Jordan gave McNabb a nasty crossover and literally broke is ankle…..the above story is far less interesting.

  4. kickinit215 - Jul 25, 2013 at 2:15 PM

    Wow, this article is pointless. The writer tries to spin McNabb’s words and make him sound like he’s blaming Jordan?

    • Enrico Campitelli Jr. - Jul 25, 2013 at 2:17 PM


      • Scott - Jul 25, 2013 at 2:37 PM

        Tell us its tough on your conscious when you’re appeasing your bosses at Comcast by putting this trash out. Of that 2000 (?) word article you pick out two things to write about – Thome and now Jordan. Strictly for clicks. You’re better than that.

        At least you added the URL so we could read it for ourselves

      • Enrico Campitelli Jr. - Jul 25, 2013 at 3:01 PM

        Everything else was boring as shit. The Thome was interesting and the MJ was funny.

  5. BenE. - Jul 25, 2013 at 5:11 PM

    I’m taking the headline of this post as a facetious reference to all the McNabb drama the Philly media drums up. Because there’s no way Enrico is this desperate. At least, I hope. I think we just got trolled!

    • Enrico Campitelli Jr. - Jul 25, 2013 at 6:56 PM

      Thank you.

  6. nfl huye - Jul 25, 2013 at 8:23 PM

    comment looks accurate


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