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Double Negative: Here’s a Sweaty Tony Romo in a Celtics Pinnie

May 23, 2012, 1:32 PM EDT

Some people just really can't stand Tony Romo. And what is it with people from Boston and their pre-occupation with jinxes anyway?

Take one thing you don’t like and then add it to another thing you don’t like, and, lord, this picture is terrible.

Courtesy of the folks up at NESN, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was wearing a Celtics pinnie as he took time to pose with a fan in this photo posted to Twitter on Tuesday. Speculation would be that he was “bored,” asked anyone if they’d care for a game of basketball and arrived to the gym in the same damn clothes he was wearing at the club.
NESN is referring to his choice of attire as some type of jinx, reminding readers that Romo and the playoffs “don’t go well together.”
Seeing as how the Cowboys and Patriots aren’t even in the same conference, nor for that matter are the Mavericks and Celtics, it’s semi-strange someone in the office would be so anti-Romo, publishing the quarterback’s less than stellar career playoff statistics to hammer home the point.
Some people just really can’t stand Tony Romo. And what is it with being from BostonĀ and having a pre-occupation with jinxes anyway?
I’m confused. Let’s move on.