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Eagles Have a Bit More Time to Work with Vick Than Previously Thought

Jan 29, 2013, 12:59 PM EDT

Yesterday we mentioned a $3 million guarantee that takes
effect on Michael Vick’s contract three days after the Super Bowl, which could
spur the Eagles to action. According to the Inquirer’s Jeff McLane however,
they may not owe him that money after all.

McLane revealed there is actually some language in Vick’s
contract that states the Eagles will only owe Vick that money if either a) he
doesn’t sign with another team, or b) is signed to a contract for less than $3
million. Both scenarios are unlikely.

Basically that means the Eagles have more time to reach a
decision on Vick’s future. Ultimately it may not matter much in terms of having
him return, but it does give them longer to renegotiate if Vick were to relent.
It also increases the odds they look for a trade partner, given they can’t even
move him until the new league year starts on March 11.

Of course, there’s also a chance the Eagles don’t wait at
all. They may not be interested in having Vick back at any price, and a trade
would be almost impossible without a renegotiated figure as part of the deal.
Vick is due to earn $15.5 mil in 2013.