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Eagles’ Offensive Line: Vick’s Fault Edition

Oct 26, 2011, 12:11 PM EDT

A look at how Michael Vick's frenetic style of play makes his offensive line seem worse than it really is.

Andy Benoit, founder of, joined ESPN’s NFC East Blog
yesterday to analyze how Vick’s style of play creates unique
challenges for his offensive line. Benoit breaks down four fundamental
quarterback traits where Vick is still behind the curve compared to his
peers, or that he lacks altogether.

The Philadelphia Eagles do not have a great offensive line. It’s young and rebuilding. But even if the Eagles had the 1995 Dallas Cowboys’ line (Pro Bowlers Nate Newton, Mark Tuinei, Larry Allen, Ray Donaldson; two-time All-Pro Erik Williams), armchair analysts would still be carping about quarterback Michael Vick needing better protection.

This is not an utter indictment of Michael Vick. He’s the most gifted athlete ever to play quarterback. His lively, high-velocity ball is less talked about but arguably more impressive than his speed and quickness. He has become a committed locker room leader. And he’s improving. But at his core, he’s a sandlot player, and sandlot players will always make an offensive line look bad.

The article is eye-opening, especially if you are one of those folks who is constantly hammering the offensive line. They are part of the problem some of the time, but this serves as a reminder that not every hit Vick takes or drive-killing sack is the result of another player’s mistake — far from it.

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